Where to start a company? Starting Netherlands business

Do you have the resources and opportunity now to finally start your own company? And do you want to move to a different country and start up this company there? Then there’s several countries that may be a good choice for you. One country that is ideal for starting up a business is The Netherlands. Not only is this good for your business, but the country is also nice to live in with its health care system and its wealthy economy. Moving to a new country is already a challenge, but if you need to also take care of starting Netherlands business on top of that, it may be a little too much for one person to handle. That’s why intercompanysolutions is ready to help you by accounting services for you new Dutch company and assisting you in setting up the necessary accounts and applications. 

Why starting Netherlands business?

Of course, there is a reason why the Netherlands would be an excellent country to locate you new business in, or to expand your business to. There are many benefits that this country offers for investors and entrepreneurs. Here, there are some of these benefits listed:
  • Starting Netherlands business is a good option to consider because the Netherlands flourishes in multiple fields. It has a leadership position in sectors such as information and technology, agriculture and in the energy sector. 
  • The Netherlands is a part of the European Union. This will benefit you in starting Netherlands business by the good international relations these countries have with each other. Moreover, you will be able to freely export and import products from any EU country as a result of the European Single Market. 
  • If your company heavily relies no the import of your products, then starting Netherlands business is also beneficial for another reason. The Netherlands is advantageous for logistic reasons as well. The country is a trading country, it has important gateways for the goods that are being imported and exported throughout Europe. Take for example the port of Rotterdam or the airport of Schiphol.
  • English is not the first language in every country, and when someone’s first language is not English, people may not speak this language. Starting Netherlands business means you will be able to easily communicate with the locals and with other businesses to set up relations, both nationally and internationally. This is because most of the Dutch can speak besides their first language, English as a second language, and it also not common for the Dutch to know a third language. 

Services of Intercompany Solutions

If you get help for setting up a business, you would likely want to know what kind of services you will get. Intercompany Solutions has plenty of experience in helping international entrepreneurs with starting Netherlands business. Their process has been optimized. The company offers assistance with local regulations, with applications for issues or a VAT number and for a company back account, with accounting and also with secretarial support. 

Are you thinking about starting Netherlands business? Then it may be a good idea to reach out to Intercompany Solutions in order to have the process go smoothly and quickly. Starting Netherlands business is not an easy job after all!