How to start your BV company formation?

Intercompany Solutions can incorporate The Netherlands business quickly and provide all-in services. A Netherlands BV company formation takes up to three working days from the day that Intercompany Solutions receives all the required official documents and information. Sometimes it is possible to incorporate a Dutch BV company in one day, that also counts for you BV company formation. Welcome to The Netherlands, where almost everything is possible. It Is not without reason that The Netherlands is an excellent country to optimize global tax rates. This country knows interesting regulations. What is the type of company form that is most chosen? The most chosen type for BV company formation is the Dutch BV, the limited company (it is already in the name). This company can be registered with a minimum share capital of 1 EUR, which is not that much of course. 

BV company formation: what can Intercompany Solutions do? 

They operate since 2013. Their company has helped hundreds of clients from 50+ countries to set up their business in the Netherlands, the beautiful and rich country. The Netherlands is indeed a good country to start a business. They have experience with international entrepreneurs, from all over the world. They have allowed them to perfectly adjust the processes. Intercompany Solutions believes that customer satisfaction is guaranteed for all the services that they offer. They are improving theirItandards on a regular basis and consequently, their quality becomes even higher than before. Intercompany Solutions is a well known brand in The Netherlands and can help you with your BV company formation. The BV company formation does not have to be that difficult, it is not necessary that you listen to other people, not all people believe in the power of some companies, unfortunately. The main reason is jealousy, because they have not reached what other companies did.

More about The Netherlands 

The business culture in The Netherlands is good to know, because once you consider a BV company formation, you might want to know how things are in this beautiful country. To become successful, you will know a bit of the business culture so you can adapt and grow. Today, The Netherlands compromises 12 provinces. There are 12 places to start your Dutch business or to start your BV company formation. Amongst others:
  • North and South Holland
  • Flevoland
  • Friesland (north)
  • Zeeland (south)
Not all provinces are located near to the sea, but if you want your company to be there, you can choose for Friesland, Zeeland, North and South Holland or Groningen. The Netherlands might not be the largest country, it is one of the richest countries in the world. Something about the weather, which is not always that nice. There is a temperature that is better known as a marine climate. It has cool summers and mild winters. The last few years, ice-skating was not even possible anymore. So if you like extreme weather, you might consider starting your business somewhere else. On the other hand, it is never too cold or too hot in The Netherlands and that can work in your favor.